Now quieter, more powerful and able to simulate a steeper 20% gradient, the Wahoo Fitness KICKR Power Indoor Turbo Trainer has been upgraded for the new season. Train smart and train hard with the Bluetooth Smart, FE-C and ANT+ compatibility as well as upgraded durability and a greater feeling of responsiveness.

  • Wahoo has developed new algorithms that accurately replicate sprints, intervals and hill climbs on virtual training platforms such as Zwift and Trainer Road. Each acceleration and deceleration will now feel more realistic than ever.
  • Robust steel construction ensures the KICKR stays in place while you crank out the watts and stands up to years of heavy use.
  • The quietest flywheel trainer on the market. Down from 70db to just 61db. You can hear your heart pounding and your legs throbbing.
  • Enhanced to provide accurate power measurement and generate up to 2000W, up from 1900W on previous models.
  • Maximum percent adjusts to simulate up to a 20-degree incline, a 5-degree increase from previous models.