The BODDI is a wonderful multifunctional pouch, ultra stable. Firmly attached to the body, designed for carrying your mobile phone and other small items. We all like to have our mobile phone with us during our activities. No matter the need or the moment, for the security, the sharing of photos, the collection of data for the sports social network, the transport of our keys, the energy bars or a few dollars, the BODDI pocket is essential. In winter, the battery of the devices is discharged very quickly in the cold. We must therefore hide our devices, warm, under our clothes. In summer, well positioned in the center of the chest, without danger of damaging or losing our devices, within reach of the hand, near your ears, your eyes, not to miss anything. Three small reflective strips in front and three backwards allow you to be seen by everyone in the evening. All the reasons are good to get the BODDI, a solution so simple for the secure transport of your device. IMPORTANT The main belt is 39 ” long. Take the time to properly measure your rib cage to determine whether or not you need the optional extension. Blivet offers a small extension male / female of a length of 8 ” if you need more adjustment. Characteristics: Double neoprene pouch Adjustable installation belts Durable polypropylene quick-release adjustment loops Three reflective strips in front and one back Size of the back pocket: 165mm x 85mm Front pocket size: 115mm x 85mm Universal size (length of the main belt 39 ” total) Option of 8 ” extension as needed (extra)